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Important Service Announcement to all Xdrive Users:
On January 12, 2009, AOL will permanently close
the Xdrive Online Storage Service.
We sincerely appreciate your being an Xdrive customer and want to make sure you are aware of the options you have for retrieving your files.
To make this transition as easy as possible, you can use the following download options to retieve your files:
Create a zip file of your entire Xdrive account for easy download;and/or Download selected files through the standard Xdrive Web or Xdrive Desktop Client
You may choose any combination of these options, based on your needs, by returning to this site at any time prior to January 12, 2009.
Please be sure that you have retrieved your files by January 12, 2009. After this date, the Xdrive site will no longer be accessible and any remaining files will be permanently deleted.

Ҿͤ 9 Ҥ 2009

[ŧ¹ 100 MB Ѻ login password drive X ͧ áҡ͹ 25 MB]
[Download PC drive X ftp://ftp.download.com/pub/win95/utilities/xdrive.exe]
[ʹյѧҡѤö֧ $1 ͷҹ Ѩغѹ Դԡù .. ´ҡ ֧ҡش]
ᨡͷ红 100 mb
  1. 觷Ѻҡ xdrive.com (繺ԡ÷ԡԡԹ)
  2. Ը backup 2 Ը (web program)
  3. ԸԹҡ xdrive.com ҹ红ͧҹ
  4. Ѵҡҡ FAQ ͧ xdrive.com (Ѩغѹ¹)
  5. èԹŴŧ ҡ $1 $0.75 (ѨغѹԴèԹ)
  6. Xdrive شԹǤѺ ѧ鹷 100 Mb (ش 25 Ҥ 2544)
  7. Ѥç E-Mail mail Թ
    Թҷء͹ $60 ֧ $80 ҳ 5 ͹ 仹ҡ Xdrive.com ա

1. 觷Ѻҡ xdrive.com
  1. ͹á 25 mb Һ͡͹ ͹Ѥèա 5 mb
  2. Ѵ¡Ť׹ browser 㴡 IE Netscape 繵
  3. ʹ ǹ ͺ
  4. ͡ MP3 ٻ͹
  5. Ѵѭͷ harddisk 红 ͵ͧҷ ʹ
  6. ¤Ѻ Ҵͧ ѧ upload Ƕ١
  7. 纷ҹդ ǷҹѤ affiliate program ҹԹҡѤä $1 Ŵ $0.75 лѨغѹԴԹẺҡ

2. Ը backup 2 Ը
Ըշ upload download ҧ ҹ browser
Ըͧ xdrive install Ƿͧͧ drive X PC
2 Ըյҧѭҷѡ֡ҹ觾ҹ save save ŧ drive X
    1. xdrive.com µç
    ˹Ҩ login Դҡ xdrive.com µç
    ѧ login Ǩо˹ҵҧ ö save delete xdrive
    2. download зԴдǡ browser
    Click for download (ftp://ftp.download.com/pub/win95/utilities/xdrive.exe)
    ͹Դ install icon Һ desktop

    Ţͧ install run username password ١зͧ drive X

    install xdrive.exe Ҵ 1301 KB ҡ ͧ˹ǡͧա Ӥǡ install С next 4 駵 finish ա 1 ѹº

3. ԸԹҡ xdrive.com ҹ
Թ $1 դѤ xdrive.com ҹ id ͧ
͹ ҹͧѤâçù͹ http://www.xdrive.com/affiliates/befree/index.html
  1. Ѥõͧ ҨоԨóҨҡӹǹҪ ok ͡͹ 10000 pageview 30000 ҵҡҤѺ
  2. ѧҡѺ͹حҵ Ѻ e-mail Subject: Thank You for Applying to be an Affiliate!
  3. ҡ鹡纪 http://www.reporting.net ´ءҧ ˹áͧѹ username password ͧ
  4. ʴª merchants 觼 sponsor ա link դ click Ѥè $1 ¡ҡ ¤Ѻ
  5. ǹ link ǹ Creating links 仢ҧҧشҤ Xdrive links ǡ͡ҨҾ link text

4. Ѵҡҡ FAQ ͧ xdrive.com
Զع¹ 2543
What is the commission structure for Xdrive, and when will I get paid?
As a Xdrive Affiliate, we will pay you $1 for every member who signs up for our free service from links on your site. We will pay you Referral Fees on a monthly basis. However, if the Referral Fees payable to you for any calendar month are less than $25.00, we will hold these Referral Fees until the total amount due is at least $25.00.
How do I get paid?
We will mail you a check within thirty (30) days of the end of each calendar month. Please be sure that your "pay to" information is correct on your profile. This is the exact information that we use to mail checks.

5. èԹŴŧ ҡ $1 $0.75 (ѨغѹԴèԹ)
Ԥ纨ҡ banner ѹǹ˭ ͧ蹡ѹ ͹Զع¹ 2543 龺Ըҡ internet Ը ֧Ѥ 29 Զع¹ 2543 ¹ link ͧ xdrive.com ҡѤԡâ;鹷 100Mb ҡ xdrive.com ҹ ҡԹҡ xdrive $1 40 ҷͧ ԡѡɳйҶ֧ 3 ͹ лҳ $40 ٧ش㹡÷ ԹǴǷѹ ʹ͡ѹ 21 check ֧ѹ 29 »ҳ
ԡẺ դѹҡ ͷ websamba.com domaindlx.com ˭駤 ҧԹѹԸչ мͧ ԹẺʹ͹ й褧繪ǧЪѹ еͧѡѹŴè˹ѡ Ẻŧ ѹ鹡Ҷ֧ Ѻ mail ŴʹԹѹ 26 Ҥ 2543 բͤѧҧҧ
    Dear Valued Xdrive Affiliates:
    Xdrive would like to thank you for the spectacular job you have done in helping us meet our registration goals over the past year. The Xdrive Affiliates have been our most valued asset in gaining new member registrations. But now we must focus on the next phase of our business plan. In order to do this, we will be re-directing some of our advertising efforts and lowering our Affiliate Program Payment to fund the expansion of new product offerings and features.
    As of November 1st, we will be lowering our payment per registration to $.75 for both our Xdrive webmaster and e-mail affiliate programs. Please note that all registrations generated up until November 1st will be paid $1.00. Though we know you will be less than overjoyed by this news, we also hope you remember that giving away Xdrive memberships is one of the easiest, profitable money-making ventures on the net.
    While other sites are discontinuing their affiliate programs altogether, Xdrive continues to pay on time, every month, with an unparalleled minimum payout of just $25. This adjustment will help insure that our affiliate program remains the viable and successful initiative it always has been.
    We've really appreciated all that you have provided us here at Xdrive and look forward to a long, profitable relationship!
    Thanks again for your support and great results!

    Andy Clark
    Affiliate Program Manager

6. Xdrive شԹǤѺ
Թҷء͹ $60 ֧ $80 ҳ 5 ͹ 仹ҡ Xdrive.com ա
Ѵ͡Ҩҡ xdrive.com reporting.net 25 Ҥ 2544
Сá : Һ xdrive promotion к¢ҧ Թҡ click e-mail $0.25 ͡ŧ¹ 1
Сȷͧ : Һ 价 click ѤҪԡ $0.75 Ҩ¡ԡ ١Թ .. (ҡ ФѺ)
Two Important Announcements - Please Read!
First Announcement : Now there is another way to make money with the Xdrive affiliate program - promote Intelligent X newsletters! Offer your users new content by placing an Intelligent X banner on your site and promoting Xdrive's line of newsletters, Intelligent X. Now you can earn $.25 per Intelligent X registration. But wait, that's not all! Be one on the top 5 referrers of Intelligent X newsletter registrations between now and the end of March and you could win cash! Please read the contest rules posted below.
Second Announcement : Because of your hard work, we have far exceeded our goal for Xdrive Express member acquisitions. As a result, we will end our Xdrive Express affiliate program on Jan 31st 2001. You will be paid for each registration up until that date, and then the program will officially close. But you can begin the Intelligent X Newsletter affiliate program today!
©ѺشѺ 31 Ҥ 2544 ҡ xdrive.com
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2001 16:22:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Xdrive 
To: webmaster@thaiall.com
Subject: Xdrive Express Affiliate Program Ends Jan 31, 2001!


                   IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!


Dear Xdrive Affiliates,

Xdrive - by every measure - has been a phenomenal success.

Because of your hard work, we have far exceeded our goals for
Xdrive Express member acquisitions.  As a result, we will end
our Xdrive Express affiliate program on Jan 31, 2001.

But wait! Xdrive Technologies is now offering you $.25 for every
person who signs up for an Intelligent X newsletter from your
links and banners! We'd like you, our valuable affiliates, to
help us make Xdrive's cutting-edge Intelligent X Newsletters
just as successful.

To start earning money promoting Intelligent X, login to:
http://www.reporting.net.  Enter the Xdrive section, click
"Creating links" and choose "Intelligent X".  Copy and paste
the HTML code onto your web site and start earning money for
Intelligent X registrations today!

Best of luck and thanks again for your support!


The Xdrive Affiliate Team
P.S. Don't miss our contest! The top 5 affiliates from now until
March 31st, will receive cash awards of $1000, $800, $600, $400
and $200!

7. Ѥç E-Mail mail Թ
Ȩԡ¹ 2543 Xdrive.com Ш§ $0.75 web affiliate email affiliate
ٻẺ繡 价 email դѤԡ 线 100 Mb 繨ҡ E-Mail ͧ ҨԹ $0.75 ҡ·Ѥ Ѻҧ code 繴ѧҧҧ
ҷҹʹ㨡Ѥèҡ˹áͧ xdrive.com ֧仢 code signature email ͧҹ ҡ reporting.net 觷ҧ reporting.net 繼ԡôҹ§ҹҧ ҷҹԹ
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ҧҧͤ͸Ժ¨ҡ红ͧ reporting.net ԡ§ҹͧ xdrive.com
    Follow the steps below to create a link to use in your e-mail messages:
    1. Choose from any of the tag lines below to use in your e-mail.
    2. Once you have selected a tag line, click the "Make My Code" button underneath the tag line.
    3. In the pop-up window, click the "Select All" button and the copy the highlighted information.
    4. Paste the information in your e-mail.
    We strongly recommend that you use your link in as a signature file.

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