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  1. ͧ E-Mail
    E-Mail Ẻ POP
    E-Mail Ẻ IMAP
    E-Mail Ẻ TELNET
    E-Mail Ẻ WEB Based
  2. SMTP Ѻ pop base email
  3. ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster bigmailbox.com ( Ҥ 2544 ѧԴѺҪԡ @yourname.com )
  4. ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster everyone.net (@yourname.com شѺҪԡ )
  5. ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster applymail.com (ͧ @yourname.com)
  6. ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster siamwebmail.com (ͧ @yourname.com)
  7. ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster zzn.com i-p.com (@yourname.zzn.com)
  8. ԡ pop based email Ѻ user softhome.net (Ѻ yourname@softhome.net)
  9. ԡ pop based email Ѻ user siammail.com (ͧ §ҹ yourname@siammail.com)
  10. 纷ԡÿ E-Mail йѺ user
  11. Ըշ Mail server ԡͧ unix linux (ҷ м ISP)
  12. 纷Ҩ Spam mail ǹԡ remove

    纷ͧǢͧѺ E-mail
  1. http://www.imap.org ͸Ժͧ POP
  2. http://th.applymail.com/faq.html ԡǡѺ mail ͧ applymail
  3. http://www.siamwebmail.com/index2.html ԡǡѺ mail ͧ siamwebmail
  4. http://siammail.com/email_m.htm Ը setup POP3 PC
  5. http://mail.softhome.net/help/setup.shtml Ը setup POP3 PC
  6. http://vm.uconn.edu/~wwwpop/popfaq.html ͺӶǡѺ POP
  7. http://www.kiva.net/support ҧ setup ҹ POP E-Mail
  8. http://mail.cc.umanitoba.ca/drac/index.html Dynamic Relay Authorization Control

ͧ E-Mail
    E-Mail Ẻ POP
    E-Mail աԴ˹ դдǡ㹡ҹ ҡ ͧҡöҡ software 㴡 еͧӡ setup ҹͧ 絤 incoming mail server outgoing mail server 觨繾鹰ҹҧ ѺҹԴ web site 繢ͧͧ͡ʵ ͧҡաҹẺ Ͷ֧ѹ鹡礧Ъ¡ѹ ԹҺҹ ǹʹբͧẺ öǴ дǡ բлҡѺҷӤѭͧҷ web site ö insert кԡ! [Ը setup pop3 http://siammail.com/email_m.htm]
    ҵðҹͧ POP ˹Ѻҹ E-Mail ͧҹ ҵͧ mail ͧ SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocal)
    ѡɳТͧ POP ʹ
    1. ੾ Eudora Netscape mail 繵
    2. ͧҹ E-Mail ѡͧǹ
    3. դѹͺš
    4. ҧѧԡ÷ telnet, POP IMAP
    5. Server ԡѡк UNIX LINUX
    1. ͧ ҹá
    2. Offline ֧
    3. Upload Disconnect
    1. Download server
    2. ԡ÷ժ չ
    3. ӡѴҵͧ ҹѺͧ setup
    ҧҹ E-Mail Ẻ POP
    E-Mail Ẻ IMAP
    IMAP : Internet Message Access Protocal (http://www.imap.org)
    It is a method of accessing electronic mail or bulletin board messages that are kept on a (possibly shared) mail server. In other words, it permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local. For example, email stored on an IMAP server can be manipulated from a desktop computer at home, a workstation at the office, and a notebook computer while traveling, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between these computers. IMAP's ability to access messages (both new and saved) from more than one computer has become extremely important as reliance on electronic messaging and use of multiple computers increase, but this functionality cannot be taken for granted: the widely used Post Office Protocol (POP) works best when one has only a single computer, since it was designed to support "offline" message access, wherein messages are downloaded and then deleted from the mail server. This mode of access is not compatible with access from multiple computers since it tends to sprinkle messages across all of the computers used for mail access. Thus, unless all of those machines share a common file system, the offline mode of access that POP was designed to support effectively ties the user to one computer for message storage and manipulation.
      Key goals for IMAP include:
      - Be fully compatible with Internet messaging standards, e.g. MIME.
      - Allow message access and management from more than one computer.
      - Allow access without reliance on less efficient file access protocols.
      - Provide support for "online", "offline", and "disconnected" access modes *
      - Support for concurrent access to shared mailboxes
      - Client software needs no knowledge about the server's file store format.
    繺ԡ Email Դ mail ¡Ѻ Web based mail ͵ͧ੾ ¡ mail ҹ ͻԴǨ ͧ ͺԴ͹ POP öԴ email ҡ㴡 Ѻҹ mail ҡ imap server Ѻҹ mail ҡ imap server ѡ¹Ҩ Tommy Roberson Baylor university м仴٧ҹ͹ ö download ش http://www.baylor.edu/~Tommy_Roberson/Mail_Drop_95.html
    ҷҺ ѧ server ԡ imap Ѻ ੾㹺ѷ ʶҺѹ ͧҹ IMAP server ѡ UNIX LINUX ͧԴҡ ԡ 繤سѵԾ鹰ҹ
    ѡɳТͧ IMAP ʹ
    1. ੾Ѻ IMAP
    2. ҡ Ѩغѹ Netscape4
    3. 㹻Ѩغѹҡ
    4. к UNIX LINUX ǹ˭ѧԡ
    5. ҧѧԡ÷ telnet, POP IMAP
    1. Դ㴡 Ѻ IMAP
    2. banner ǹ͹ Web based
    3. ӧҹ ٻẺ Online
    4. Attach file
    1. ҡͪ õԴ͡Ъ仴
    2. ͧ㹡ù ͧ
    3. ١ҡ ͡ function ѡѺ mail
    ҧҹ E-Mail Ẻ IMAP
    E-Mail Ẻ TELNET
    ѡɳТͧ TELNET ʹ
    1. 㹷ءͧ еԴҡѺ TCP/IP
    2. дǡͧ ʶҺѹ֡
    3. Դ Server
    4. ͧ ʶҹ֡
    5. Է¹ ISP ҧ
    6. ҧѧԡ÷ telnet, POP IMAP
    1. ҹ mail
    2. ӧҹǷش Text mode
    3. դͧ٧ Ѻѡ¹ ѡ֡
    4. ¡Ѻк unix linux
    1. ӧҹѺ Attach file ҡ
    2. ӧҹѺ ءҵðҹ
    3. ١ͧ
    4. ͧТͧ㹡á˹ user
    5. ջѭͧ hacker ٧
    6. ͧ¹Դ˹ ֧Ф
    ҧҹ E-Mail Ẻ TELNET
    E-Mail Ẻ WEB Based
    E-Mail Ẻ Web based E-Mail Ẻѡѹ hotmail.com yahoo.com chaiyo.com thaiall.com ѧ Web based email мԡþ ԡҡ POP ͧҡҹ mail ԡèеͧѧ红ͧԡ÷ء ҧѺ pop ԡ öٴ mail ҹ ͧ红ͧԡҧ
    ѡɳТͧ WEB Based ʹ
    1. Դ email ҡ㴡
    2. browser 㴡 Դҹ mail
    3. դѹͺš
    4. hotmail.com chaiyo.com thaiall.com
    1. browser 㴡 Դҹ mail
    2. Դҡͧ㴡 browser
    3. ѡպԡҧСͺ 蹴ٴ pop
    1. к graphic sponsor ҡ
    2. ҧ纷ԡջѭ
    3. ѡҡҡԴ mail Ẻ
    ҧҹ E-Mail Ẻ WEB Based
SMTP Ѻ pop base email
ҷͧҹ E-Mail ҡ pop server ʹٴŧ pc ͧҹ ͵ͧ÷¹ ͵ͺ õͺ¹ 繺ԡâͧ pop server 繺ԡâͧ smtp server 觷˹ҷ Email ѧѺ pop server ҧ觨ԡ smtp ֧ͧҺԡèҡ纷ҹѡ ѧ ª smtp server ҧҧ ֧繪 server ʹҹ ҹ
      Outgoing mail server (SMTP) ͡§ǹФѺ ҡ mail
    1. A-Net ------------ mail.a-net.net.th
    2. Asia Access ------------ bkk1.asiaaccess.net.th
    3. Asia Infonet ------------ classic.asianet.co.th
    4. CS Internet ------------ mail.cscoms.com
    5. Data Line Thai ------------ mail.linethai.co.th
    6. FarEast Internet ------------ mail.fareast.net.th
    7. Idea Net ------------ mail.idn.co.th
    8. Infonews ------------ smtp.infonews.co.th
    9. Internet Thailand ------------ mozart.inet.co.th
    10. KSC ------------ ksc.th.com
    11. Loxinfo ------------ mail.loxinfo.co.th
    12. Samart ------------ smtp.samart.co.th
    13. Siam-It Online ------------ mail.siamit.co.th
    14. World Net ------------ mail.wnet.net.th
ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster bigmailbox.com
    ok Ѻ ѧҡ everyone.net شѺҪԡ 羺 Ҥ 2544 bigmailbox.com ѧԡÿ ֧ perlphpasp.com Ѥԡ yourname@perlphpasp.com Ѥǹͧ webmaster ͹ҵͧ .com ͧͧ perlphpasp.com º еͧöǹͧ mx 觼ö Ш domain Ѻ bythailand.com 600 ҷѺ ͧ繺ԡ redirect ýѧ host ԧ Ѻ鹵͹ ҫ觺ԡ yourname@perlphpasp.com ػ繢鹵͹ѧ
    1. .com ͧͧ perlphpasp.com 觢ͧ仨 bythailand.com ͨͧ domainatcost.com Ҩ ok Ѻ mx Դѧ
    2. ա÷ѡ˹ ѡ˹ underconstruction ҧǹФѺ ֡Ҩ仵Ǩ纴
    3. Ѥԡ÷ bigmailbox.com Ҩ code Ѻ mx
    4. code mx ѺѺ .com ͧ bythailand.com domainatcost.com 繵 ͶҨѺ register.com öǹͧ mx µͧ
ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster everyone.net
͹شǤѺ .. ´
    ҶԸաèԡ mail server Ẻ thaiall.com 鹵ͧҧ ͧͺ "᷺ҡ §仢ͺԡèҡ everyone.net ¡Ѥâԡ Ẻ @thaiall.com ҹ ҡ鹨֧ mail hypermart ԡ web hosting thaiall.com thaiall.com. IN MX 0 sitemail.everyone.net mail. IN CNAME siteurl.everyone.net. кº"
    ѧҡѤâԡèҡ everyone.net С˹ҵҧ º ҧ isp web hosting ͧ䢵ҵͧ ҹ code html login ҹ login ҹ http://mail.thaiall.com ᷹ 繵

      鹵͹âԡ @yoursite.com mail server
    1. 价 everyone.net click ͡ Plug-in-Email
    2. ӵ͡ҧ º
    3. ҹӤѭ ͧ everyone.net 红ͧҹԡ @yoursite.com
      Change Web Address : Change the Web Address (URL) of your email service. (ԡù http://mail.thaiall.com )
      觤 "mail. IN CNAME siteurl.everyone.net." web hosting ͧ纷ҹ
      Change Email Address : Graduate your email address from @yourdomain.every1.net to a fully branded @yourdomain.com domain. (ԡù ԡ yourname@thaiall.com)
      觤 "thaiall.com. IN MX 0 sitemail.everyone.net" web hosting ͧ纷ҹ
      Add It! : Instructions and HTML code provided to link your email service to your web site. (ԡù login mail box ҡ˹ http://www.thaiall.com)
    4. 駡Ѻ web hosting ͧ¹ MX everyone.net ˹ mail 仺͡ webmaster ͧ hypermart.net ¹Ѻ domain name ͧҹ
    5. html login ԡ email 㹪 @yourname.com ˹纷ͧ

    ͧҡѺͧ domain öͧẺҧ domain name ͧ仴ٷ everyone.net ԤѺ ѧԡ աҧ ѧҧҧҧ
    觷ҡ everyone.net web based e-mail for webmaster
      http://mail.thaiall.com yourname@thaiall.com
      http://mail.thainame.net yourname@thainame.net
      http://yourname.every1.net youruser@yourname.every1.net

    ԡâͧ everyone.net
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ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster applymail.com
    1. user@yourdomain.com ()
    2. ӡѴӹǹҪԡ
    3. ö͡ẺµǤسͧ
    4. ѺҺ´ͧҪԡءҧ
    5. hosting 20 M. ( cgi)
    6. Ẻ pop3 Ѻҹ
    7. banner ͧسŧ 50%
    8. ҹ Admin page FTP
    1. 鹷 5 M.
    2. ҧشª
    3. ҧ Folder
    4. ͵ҹ
    ŢҧҨҡ http://th.applymail.com/faq.html ԡ mail server Ẻ web based ºԡâͧ everyone.net applymail ¤ ͹ everyone.net 繽 բͨӡѴ applymail Ѻ͹ѵ ͧѺþԨóҡ͹
    觷ҡ applymail web based e-mail for webmaster
    http://mail.thaiall.com yourname@thaiall.com
    http://mail.thainame.net yourname@thainame.net
    ҡջѭҵԴ Webmaster@Applymail.com ICQ. 11452621
ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster siamwebmail.com
    - siamwebmail.com (July 20, 2543) ҹҨҡ http://www.siamwebmail.com/index2.html
    1. ԡ mail server ͧҹͧ yourname@yourdomainname.com
    2. 鹷 webmail Ҫԡԡâͧҹ 5 Mb
    3. 黮ԷԹѴ·ǹ ẺѴ
    4. дҹ ͵駡зѺҪԡ㹡
    5. ԡâ Т͹Ź
    6. ԡͧʹ (Chat room) Ẻ Ẻҧͧǹ Ẻ§
    7. 繵ǡШ¨¢ (Mailling list) ֧Ҫԡ㹡 ͷ
    8. Black office ˹ҧҹͧҪԡ;ѡҹҧ
    1. ҹͧͧ еͧԡᨡ (web base email)
    2. ˹§ҹҧ ͺѷ ͧõҧ վѡҹ Ҫԡӹǹҡ еͧ觢 ֧˹õҧ ˹ûЪ õԴҹͺµҧ 觨¹֧ء
    3. ʹ hit Ѻ webpage ͧҹ Ҫԡءҹͧ login ҹ˹ web ͧҹ
    4. ͧ㹡ú еԴҹ (Schedule Task)
    1. webbased email ͹ hotmail.com öҡš
    2. 鹷 email ӹǹ 5 Mb
    3. ջԷԹѴ (Schedule) ͹ outlook Organizer 㹵ǫö͹Ͷ֧˹
    4. Address book Ѻ纪ͷͧ١ ͹٧ öѴ¡С
    5. öѴ¡ѺҪԡ 㹡ǡѹ
    6. ö駡зҪԡ ͺ
    7. Chat room Ẻ Ẻ§ (hearme)
    8. Ѻ͢ŵҧ ҡԡâͧ SiamWebMail
      觷 Admin ö
    1. Admin ö˹Ҫԡ ¡ ˹ҷҧ
    2. Admin ö觢 ͡˹Ѵ¼ҹԷԹҧ֧Ҫԡء ੾С
    3. webboard Admin ö駡зҪԡͺ
    4. Admin ö stat ;鹷纨¢ͧҪԡФ ¨Ѵüҹ˹ webpage
    5. ˹ҷǹͧ Black office 蹡õҹͺѺҪԡ㹡

    觷ҡ siamwebmail.com web based e-mail for webmaster
    http://mail.thaiall.com yourname@thaiall.com
    http://mail.thainame.net yourname@thainame.net
ԡ÷ web based email for webmaster zzn.com i-p.com
    ҷҹ֡ҡ¹ еͧԡ email ҷ zzn.com i-p.com ʹ㨹ФѺ ҡ ͧ ͧ domain name ͧͧ .. ʹѺҡѺ
    觷ҡ zzn.com i-p.com web based e-mail for webmaster
    http://yonok.zzn.com yourname@yonok.zzn.com
    http://lampang.i-p.com yourname@lampang.i-p.com
ԡ pop based email Ѻ user softhome.net
    Now for a personal Net.address. You'll get a free email address you can use for the rest of your life. It won't go away when you change jobs; it won't go away when you graduate; it won't go away when you change Internet Service Providers. No matter what happens in your life, your family and friends will always be able to reach you at your permanent Net.address. And it's free. Both POP-based email and Web-based email are free.
ԡ pop based email Ѻ user siammail.com
    1. account ҹ 1 account
    2. mail ͧҹ mail software 㴡 Outlook Express 繵
    3. ¹ password
    4. insert
    5. ҵðҹ POP3 protocol
    6. §ŧ¹ 1 駷ء 2 ҷԵ (׹ѹ)

Ըշ Mail server ԡͧ unix linux (ҷ м ISP)
ʶҹ֡ isp ҷк ֧ ҵͧ mail server ͧͧԡáѺš mail server ͧͧ ҧѺ web ͧͧǿҡѺԹ м红ͧͧ· thaiall.com thaiabc.com thainame.net ¤ 3 ֧ 1 蹺ҷ С 80% ͧ纷繡ѹԡ virtual host host ԧ ip Ш host ͧͧ й蹡شӤѭͧͧ
ʶҹ֡ҷ leased line ͹ 50000 ҷ ¤Һԡ internet isp ա 70000 ҷ ip 繢ͧͧ Ţ ֧ ¤Ҽö server á web ftp firewall proxy mail ҧ¡ 250 Ẻ leased line ͵ʹ DNS 繢ͧͧ 㹡úԡ host ͧ ʶҹ֡ҷ˭ԧ ҧ dns ͹ʶҺѹ ѡҾͷ isp ҧѹѭͧ ԡؤ¹͡ҹ
÷ mail server
÷ server ԡ mail ҡ wichep@thaiall.com ҹͧ˹ ҧ § pc дѺ 486 ѡͧ˹ ҵԴ linux ѹշԴ кöԡ pop mail server ѹ outlook eudora internet mail ٴ mail ҹ жҵͧúԡ web-based mail ŧա˹ ֧ 1 ѹ mail server ԡáѺšº
ԡâͧ isp
Ѻ isp ͧաԡ host ԧ ip ԧѺ١ йͧҧѷͷ isp Ѵ º lan Ҩ fiber utp ҡͧк͢ ١ö server ҡ㴡 ͨ¹ harddisk harddisk backup µͧ˹ͧ¡ ͨ leased line ҡͧѾ ѧѷ ҧ host ѷͧͧѧ Ф leased line 㹨ѧѴ٧ѡ ҧѺʶҺѹ͹ 5 еͧԧҡӻҧ 仡ا෾ϤѺ
ѭҡ host ҧҵԷ mail server
host ͧҷ mail server Ҥ͹ҧҡѡ˹ ǹ˭Ҩԡ virtual mail server ҡҷͧ Ӥѭشͧͧ´١͹ ֧ ١ҾШ·ءҧ ҡè mail server ͹ thaimail.com chaiyo.com siammail.com ԡáͧҡ Ҩзͧջѭҷ server Ф ҹ¹ʹ ӵͧاѡ ¡ͧ鹡ѹ Install restore ŷ мзӡ superuser ͧѺ ١ҹФѺͧ ҤԴШҧ free mail server ա ʺ ʺ¡¡ҡѹ
ѧࡵ mail server
ҷѧࡵ checkdomain.com Ǩټԡ free email ͧзǾ thaimail.com ͢¢ͧ arip.co.th, chaiyo.com ͢¢ͧ a-net.net.th, siammail.com ͢¢ͧ oaservice.com(OA service computer) 繵 ҡ÷ mail server ͧºѷԴз繧ҹѡ side line ҹ
纷Ҩ Spam mail ǹԡ remove
  1. http://www.bruterape.info/un.php?em=nobody@thaimail.com
  3. http://proffiliates.com/unsubscribe.php?section=users
  4. http://qualityemail.com/unsub.php
  5. http://smtds.sruhost.com.br/op/optout.html
  8. http://www.zdnet.com/cc/lists/announce/unsubscribe.html
  9. http://newsletters.cnet.com
  10. http://sbase30.com/central/unsub.php?uni=nobody@thaimail.com
  11. http://www.yourvling.com/rm/rm.html
  12. http://www.lovingtouches.org/remove.php
纷ԡÿ E-Mail й
ʶԵԹ copy Ҩҡ ѧա
÷ update ż¹ФѺ
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